Step Up トラックツイン
Step Up トラックツイン

Step Up トラックツイン

価格 ¥168,000
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トラックツイン  Tracks Twin

Tracks Twin - The super fun performance twin.

Rails:The Tracks Twin is the original board Simon created for Morning of the Earth Surfboards. 

It’s template is the base from which all new models are designed from. 

With its simple outline and semi-moden concaves, it offers a familiar feel for those used to riding modern shortboards, with the added glide and stability of the classic MR and Abellira twins.

For those unfamiliar with riding twin fins, the Tracks Twin is an ideal place to start. 

Anyone can ride this board and have a blast.


The Tracks Twin uses a simple, fairly modern bottom shape - concave under the front foot, through to a vee with double concave. The vee lets the board roll onto its rail and take advantage of the outline curve. 

A 90’s throwback with a down rail entry allowing the board to knife into the wave, flowing into a more contemporary rail through the mid section. 


A low nose entry rocker helps the board to knife in on take-off, with a thinner, rounder rail running out through the swallow, keeping the tail engaged in bigger waves. 

Flat through the centre with a slight tail lift means these boards are fast, even over dead sections. 


Swallow Tail


Simon recommends his custom twin fin shape for this board. A full fiberglass MR style twin with a stiff flex and slight inside foil to smooth transitions. Futures base.



関東・中部・関西・中国・四国:5,000円 (ロングボード 9,000円)
東北:7,000円 (ロングボード 13,000円)
九州:11,000円 (ロングボード 21,000円)
北海道・沖縄:20,000円 (ロングボード 28,000円)




日本国内 1,000 ~2,000円


販売数量: 1個から
商品引き渡しの時期: 指定日がなければ、入金確認後5営業日以内に発送します。

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