Alkali Fins Corey Munn Stage2 10"
Alkali Fins Corey Munn Stage2 10"

Alkali Fins Corey Munn Stage2 10"

価格 ¥17,320
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Cory Munn is a rare specimen. Although he is known for being a good shaper, the fact that he handles every stage of production on his boards, including shaping, glassing, and sanding - puts him in a small group of do-it-all surfboard makers. Fin making has also been a part of Corey’s process, and he knows his stuff, so it was a pleasure to work with him on a few fins that would suit the kind of longboarding he loves.

The Corey Munn Stage2 fin has a thick, upright design that pays homage to the Old Mal and heavy log designs of the '60s.

"Contrary to the stage 1, I aimed to hit the other end of the spectrum with this fin using similar pleasing curves . The larger surface area helped with stability throughout the board and settling the front end on noserides. It prefers a longer, heavier board that holds momentum throughout and felt great on slower point style days. It has a much tighter turning arc that suits well for the heavier lower rockered boards that turn more off the tail helping liven up otherwise ‘sluggish’, ‘loggy’, ‘stuck’ feelings that I’ve never liked, especially in a smaller tight wave face." - Corey Munn



関東・中部・関西・中国・四国:5,000円 (ロングボード 9,000円)
東北:7,000円 (ロングボード 13,000円)
九州:11,000円 (ロングボード 21,000円)
北海道・沖縄:20,000円 (ロングボード 28,000円)




日本国内 1,000 ~2,000円


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