Alkali X DVS Single
Alkali X DVS Single

Alkali X DVS Single

価格 ¥15,400
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Alkali X DVS Single Fin


Dick Van Straalen is one of the most innovative and creative shapers in Australia, and an absolute legend and icon to boot.

Alkali Fins has a long-standing relationship with DVS, making him fins since the early days under the Fluid Foils label with Phil Way at the helm.

This single fin template has been Dick’s go-to single shape for all those years and it’s as close to a perfect all-rounder as you might find.
Sleek and raked profile with a thin tip, and just enough base to flow and drive through turns without too much drag.

If you ever get a chance to order a board from Dick, don’t miss the opportunity to drop by his factory and meet with the legend himself. A humble, positive, witty, eccentric legend of the Australian surfing culture.


From his website: 
A fine surfer, he started shaping his own boards as a teenager and learn his art on the Northern Beaches in Sydney in the 1960s. It was when he moved to Burleigh Heads and started shaping under his own label in the ’70s that he really blossomed.
The hollow sand bottom point breaks on the Gold Coast and his shapes were a perfect match, and his down railed, pintails pioneered riding way back inside the tube at Burleigh and Kirra.
Since then he has progressed into a master shaper who over the last 50 years has hand-shaped all different types of ocean-going vehicles from open ocean racing paddleboards, to longboards, reef runners, guns, fishes, and the many other designs that his fertile imagination comes up with. His combinations of rocker, vee, tail lift, and outline templates are unique and produce a smooth, maneuverable, fast ride that allows you to maintain a high-speed line at all times.


Base: 135mm/5.3"
Depth: 185mm/7.25"

Base: 150mm/5.9"
Depth: 209.5mm/8.25"



関東・中部・関西・中国・四国:5,000円 (ロングボード 9,000円)
東北:7,000円 (ロングボード 13,000円)
九州:11,000円 (ロングボード 21,000円)
北海道・沖縄:20,000円 (ロングボード 28,000円)




日本国内 1,000 ~2,000円


販売数量: 1個から
商品引き渡しの時期: 指定日がなければ、入金確認後5営業日以内に発送します。

卸売りに関してのお問い合わせは、 へお気軽にご連絡ください。

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