The Big Sky 'Mo' Single Fin
The Big Sky 'Mo' Single Fin
The Big Sky 'Mo' Single Fin

The Big Sky 'Mo' Single Fin

価格 ¥18,480
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Peter 'Mo' Moschogianis has been building surfboards since 1965 on Australia's Gold Coast. He surfed right through the ‘shortboard revolution', constantly experimenting with design. 

This single fin is the finished design he used for his boards.

Today it's best suited to a classic single fin surfboard and can be ridden in waves up to six feet. 



Height / Depth = 180mm (7.3") 

Base = 140mm (5.5")


The Alkali x Big Sky Sunrise Collection 

Featuring the unique colours of the Hawaiian Sunrise Shell.


Alkali フィンは、アンドリュー・キッドマン、それからBig Sky Limitedと再びタッグを組み、この度新たに3タイプのフィンを発表する。  




Alkali is proud to be working once more with Andrew Kidman and Big Sky Limited with a collection of three different fins.

The collection brings together some of Andrew Kidman’s favourite fins, with a goal to continue testing and adjusting these fins along the way. Our aim is to progress the designs, and not become stagnant.

All Alkali fins are made in the traditional method - from fibreglass and resin panels.This means that you can sand out any damage that occurs from rocks and reef. 

We also encourage you to customise the fins to your liking; by foiling (*sanding) them down to a smaller size, making the tip thinner for more flex, or altering the outline. Don’t be afraid to experiment. 




関東・中部・関西・中国・四国:5,000円 (ロングボード 9,000円)
東北:7,000円 (ロングボード 13,000円)
九州:11,000円 (ロングボード 21,000円)
北海道・沖縄:20,000円 (ロングボード 28,000円)




日本国内 1,000 ~2,000円


販売数量: 1個から
商品引き渡しの時期: 指定日がなければ、入金確認後5営業日以内に発送します。

卸売りに関してのお問い合わせは、 へお気軽にご連絡ください。

(Morning of the Earthのサーフボードについては対象外となります。)

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